100 x ROI Event Summery

I) Collapse of the Financial System The tsunami rolling towards the financial world will destroy the present system, banks will become to big to save, the derivatives crisis is 8 Quadrillion. The revealing of the big picture will be given. Topics as Agenda 21, Peak Oil, NWO, GMO's, Chemtrails, Global Neighbourhood, NWO Matrix, GATT, 8 Quadrillion Derivatives, Bail-In Resolutions, HAARP, etc. 


II) Transfer of Wealth

Wealth is not destroyed but transferred during crisis, this part of the seminar provides a clear insight where the world is. And more important how the Transfer of Wealth is planned. The Seminar teachings are unpresidented.

An selection of more then 200 documentaries and Video's are available for Members.

Overdose, the Next Financial Crisis

The Wall street Take-Over, Next Financial Melt Down ( Banks to big to Save )

What in the world are they Spraying


III) International Treaties Changes & Openings International Market

There are fascinating openings and changes which are not aware with the investors, important of these International Treaties will be revealed during the seminar. Also the related changes in the market, which will provide insight in fantastic opportunities, Bears and Bulls. 

A insight on virtual mega factories clustering will be given, and the expected changes in the International Market which will effect each and every one. 

This knowledge can be used for outstanding analyze and predictions for future trends and business opportunities.  Strong Indicators and evidence for a New World Order Currency will be shown and shared with the audience.

IV) Math & Logic of Stock Market A though comparison and analyze in Logic movements of The Math of the Stock Market are shared. Many losses and drops of shares become clear in view and predictable. This knowledge is key in judgment of what a share might and will do, and what it movements will be.


V) Clean Concience

The revealed NWO plans are based on Financial stability, one world order, but also dealing with environmental stability. Important is the stability of a Clean Conscience Investment project. 

Some projects are doomed to life a short life because they operate within a gap, or not fixed hole in the law, this section of the seminar we zoom in on a clean conscience Investment Product.


VI) Perfect Business DNA A detailed insight will be given in the DNA of a Perfect Business. What Corporate Governance Structure it should have. Which Success laws should be in their place, what inside insight there is, how it can achieve a mega position in the world market. 

A very revolutionary insight on how to find and recognize a great company at his birth, or in its expansion phase. 

An example of a Perfect Business DNA is presented for which 200 Free shares complimentary are given, which is with a 100 Times ROI Guarantee.


VII) Brilliant Investments > 100 Times ROI

Eventually the climax of the Seminar is to come to the point, how Investments of more then 100 Times ROI can be recognized, and be found. Essential is timing and one great investment opportunity will be life changing. Also is zoomed in on an unprecedented boost over the 100 Times ROI border. 

In one specific business case a enormous dept in detail is being provided, about the Perfect Business DNA, and the fantastic Investment Opportunities


IIX) New Market Leader, Unprecedented Free Shares

The spin of the seminars is a birth of a network of > 100,000 shareholders. 

in 2021 the company will complete an order portfolio of USD 6 Billion on long term contracts, which will be the basis for the SPO and TPOtotal of USD 16.8 Billion 

Every Ticket holder will receive 200 - 4,000 shares Class-C & E  complimentary ( Link Bonze Ticket ) Since the volume is to small for Over The Counter (OTC) Trade, therefore they are given complimentary. 


Every Seminar attender will be armed with deep inside knowledge about the progress of the enrolling of this business case, having the potential to become a world market leading company. 

The shares are guaranteed to reach USD 90.00 by 2030 what is assure a ROI 100 Times ( 10,000 % )